In a word, yes!

The internet serves as the biggest platforms online to sell ebooks. Using it to reach millions of people is the best way to promote and sell your e-book, especially if you’re a debut author. However, being an e-book writer isn’t easy.

Even though you won’t have to deal with finding a publisher, editing your book according to the publisher’s needs or giving them a cut of your sales, you’ll still have to follow some rules to get better leverage for your books.

Selling an E-Book Successfully Online – Here’s what you do

¨ Profit from Passion

The key is to focus on a target market that you’re passionate about, one that you have expertise in. For example, if you’re interested in history and want to write fiction, write a historic fantasy. Use your talents to your advantage.

If you want to sell e-books online, your book must be worth reading. Rather than writing a run-of-the-mill book that rehashes the same tropes and clichés, use complex topics. And don’t worry about your book being too big or too small. What matters is that your book should be impactful enough to garner an audience.

¨ Strive for a Dedicated Audience

Selling e-books isn’t just about making initial efforts. Even if you are able to get a bigger audience at first, you’ll still have to be relentless with marketing and traffic generation. You will be able to sell e-books more easily as time goes.

But as time goes, try to build on your customer base so they’ll be the first ones to buy your e-books when you publish them.

¨ Use Multiple Platforms Online

Being a smart self-published author is all about promoting, marketing and selling your books online.

Want to know how to market a book ?Convert your book into different formats such as EPub, PDF and Mobi. Optimize your e-book for mobile use as well. A lot of people use their smartphones and tablets instead of e-book readers. Make your book accessible to those readers as well.

Keep in mind that people are spoilt for choice when searching for good books to read online. If your book isn’t accessible, they will move on to the next choice.

¨ Establish Your Credentials by Using a Trusted Platform

The platform you use to sell your e-book matters. You could create your own website and sell your work directly. But unless you have experience in running a website, you might have trouble.

The best way to make things easier for yourself and still control the entire process is by using third-party websites such as ChatEBooks. The most important benefit you’ll have from using an e-book marketplace is the reach. Because readers come to ChatEBooks specifically so they can have their pick of the crop.

By selling your book through a reliable e-book store , you’ll have a better chance of building a loyal audience who will be more than happy to shell out a few dollars to read your latest work.

Being an e-book writer is all about using your sources to grow your business and become successful. With our help and the above details, you’ll surely be able to make your name online and make money while writing what you love!

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