There are many ways members of a book club can benefit from engaging in activities that allow them to expand their knowledge about different books they have read. With advanced technology, members can find a variety of ways to experience reading in a completely different way. By taking certain book club suggestions into consideration, members of a book club can make their readings more enjoyable and relate to others who have read the same book as they have. 

Book Club Suggestions

Online Chat

Engaging in an online chat is one book club suggestion that can potentially allow book club members to gain different perspectives. By being able to speak with authors online, members can ask questions and grasp a better knowledge of what the author was trying to portray in their writings. For those who enjoy reading, this type of experience can be fun, and can also be different to discuss the reading with people who have read the same thing. This book club suggestion can ultimately cause a reader’s mind to be stretched and make them become more engaged in the reading. 

Group Discussions

Group discussions are also an activity members of a book club should consider. This is one of the book club suggestions that has the potential to cause readers to become more active in their reading. By getting members involved in a discussion, readers can relate to one another and personally describe their feelings related to the book.

In the online group discussion, specific questions should be asked. There should be enough questions asked to cover an array of subjects touched upon throughout the book. Once questions are selected, everyone should be allowed to give their input. Once everyone has had a chance to answer each of the question, every member of the group should be allowed to respond to each member’s answer to state whether they agree or disagree, and give an explanation as to why or why not. This will allow each member to display their feelings about the question asked, and will give them a chance to state their own opinion about whether they agree or disagree with the initial answer given. 

Blog/Online Forum

Starting a blog or an online forum to keep track of the book club can also be beneficial for members involved in an online book club. This will eliminate the need for sending group e-mails and will also become useful when trying to recruit new members. This will allow all users of the club to have the ability to post on a communal site. Websites such as and offer free group forums and are easy to access and use.

Book clubs can ultimately engage readers and inspire their minds. Online live chats, group discussions, and starting a blog/forum are three book club suggestions that can be very beneficial for readers to get the most out of a book they have read. By engaging in these two activities, they can gain new perspectives and knowledge from other people who have read the same thing.


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