How do you become a successful blogger? While there are many answers to that question, most people tend to follow the same path to success: set blogging goals and work your butt off to accomplish them!


Tips on How to Have a Successful Blog

In order for your blog to stand out, setting blogging goals is an important part of the blog-building process online. Without setting blogging goals, you can easily get become discouraged and lose productivity as a result. ChatEbooks lists down some of the measurable goals bloggers need to keep in mind to maintain a successful blog.

Build a Brand

You cannot become a successful blogger without crafting a unique brand that people associate with your content. Branding can bring a sense of familiarity to your name or logo even amongst non-followers when done right.  Think about the Starbucks logo – it is regarded as one of the most instantaneously recognizable logos ever.  Just a mere glance of this iconic symbol triggers a mouth-watering thirst for a green tea Frappuccino (my favorite).  You want to build a strong enough brand. You want your name and/or logo immediately associated with who you are and what you blog about.

Prove Your Expertise

Branding goes hand-in-hand with expertise when it comes to blogging. As a blogger, you need to purposely set yourself apart as an expert in your field. This is the only way to maintain the interest of your audience while simultaneously attracting new readers. To achieve this desired level of expertise, you must repeatedly demonstrate your knowledge in your particular field. You can showcase your skills by constructing postings that respond to some of the top 10 FAQs surrounding your expertise.  You must also frequently research and stay up-to-date on your subject matter so that postings are consistently informative and accurate.  Posting incorrect information can cause your credibility to plummet among new readers who are not yet familiar with your work.

Build a Following

Success in blogging doesn’t mean you have to be listed in the New York Times (though it wouldn’t hurt). Important as it might be to generate a huge amount of traffic from credible sources, it is equally essential that you focus your efforts towards building a steady and dedicated following. Work towards having a dedicated group of people that anticipate your posts and for whom you generally write. This means interacting and developing personal relationships with your readers.  Your ability to connect with your following on a deeper level will not only cement your relationship, but it’ll also feed into a referral base of new fans.

Establish a Social Media Presence

Blogging without social media marketing is a waste of time. If you do not cultivate a social media presence, you’ll have a difficult time succeeding as a blogger.  You must establish a presence on social media that is directly associated with your blog. This means having social media accounts under your brand (name and logo) through which you regularly interact with your fans. The best and fastest way to increase your brand awareness is for people to engage with and about your blog on social media.

Set a Schedule

When starting a blog it is imperative that you set a schedule for posting new content and that you make every effort possible to stick with it. Your ability to stand apart in the blogging community as a successful professional will depend on your ability to release fresh content on a consistent basis.

Build an Email List

You need to include a sign-up form on your blog for building an email list. Having a mailing list will provide you with a means of reaching your audience to announce postings and anything else pertaining to your blog.

Establish Connections

People that are new to the blogging community often overlook this as an opportunity to grow. You need to reach out and establish connections with bloggers who’ve “been there and done that”. Such influencers can give you pointers on the best way to navigate through the blogging industry.  So create a list of at least seven bloggers whose content complements the topics that you write about (e.g. book review blogs compliment topics related to self-publishing), and work towards reaching out to one or two of them every month. They may even allow you to guest post on their blog, offering you access to their following.

Keep up With Technology

As a blogger, it is important to stay abreast of the many changes in technology. This means continuously making sure your blog adapts to new SEO rules and works with prevailing technological advances with mobile technology. Your theme, in particular, must always be optimized for viewing on the latest technologies and devices. 

Solid Traffic

A good measure of blogging success is when you have solid traffic numbers that are not dependent on new posts. Any decent blogger is going to see a spike in their traffic whenever they publish a new post. Your goal should be to get your blog to a point where your traffic levels continue to grow consistently every day, week and month even when you do not publish a new post. This means you have cemented your blog’s presence on the internet to the point where it can keep attracting new readers without your direct involvement. 

Because blogging is so easy today, the competition has become so stiff that only a select few ever make it to the top. Setting and achieving these goals might not guarantee you success but it will definitely keep you in the race.


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9 Blogging Goals Bloggers Need to Meet to Have a Successful Blog
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