Writing a book is no easy task. Becoming a published author is even harder. Actually succeeding as a published author is a feat few people ever accomplish.

And while the quality of one’s book is important, it is only one facet of the success an author can expect to achieve. Marketing is a crucial process that provides a gateway for authors to reach their audience and engage with their readers. It is for this reason that author websites are so important though few people ever make use of them.


The Advantages of Having an Author Website 

In this age of social media, why are author websites still important? Can’t authors just get away with a blog, Facebook page or Twitter account? A website is more than a marketing tool through which authors can bring their work to the attention of readers. The best websites are a virtual portal through which authors can reach new audiences, engage with old ones and cement their place in the lives of readers. ChatEbooks lists down some factors that justify the importance of author websites.


Websites are a source of information about authors. They are the resource audiences generally flood anytime they are seeking information about any given author. Admittedly, there is no shortage of information on the internet about the best and most popular authors in the literary arena. However, one can never truly guarantee the accuracy of the information being written about their lives and their work – i.e. no one can talk better about your work than you. A website allows an author to provide firsthand information about him/herself and his/her books to readers.


Author websites are an effective tool for promoting one’s work. Readers need a resource they can always trust to keep them updated about the latest works from their favorite authors. An author website is an excellent avenue to highlight your past, current and forthcoming works. Aside from book summaries and background information, here, you can post excerpts from current or forthcoming novels.  Doing this gives readers something free to take away and at the same time it leaves them hungry for more.


Websites act as bridges through which authors can interact with their readers. Websites might be the most effective tools authors have in their arsenal when it comes to engaging with their readers. Audiences tend to show an interest in authors who manifest an appreciation for them, going so far as to make an effort to reach out to them. Authors can’t be expected to speak to every single one of their readers around the world. However, a website provides them the opportunity to do the next best thing – to interact with enthusiastic fans and commune with audiences from all corners of the planet.

Writing Tips

Author websites are also excellent platforms to help fellow aspiring authors develop their craft. Share your expertise by offering some advice on writing in your field or other genres. The best approach to giving writing tips is to move beyond general “how to write” topics and focus on your area of specialty. For example, if you’re a young adult author, share tips on how to become one. Adding such a section will increase your chances of receiving links from other writers who will regard it as a useful site for both writers and readers.


A website is a sign of credibility. It shows readers that you are serious enough about your craft that you are willing to inject effort into creating an online presence. Such credibility can go a long way in creating trust between authors and their readers, possibly even attracting new fans. 


A website personalizes an author. It allows one to become more than just a hand writing words on paper.  Instead, a website paints the picture of a human being who readers can connect with and relate to. This humanizing element of websites tends to endear readers to writers and their works.

Author websites are often created for the sole purpose of selling books and making money. While these objectives are a definitely a factor, make sure you also take advantage of the networking and interpersonal connections that having a website can afford.    


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Author Websites – How They Can Help Market and Build Your Brand
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