If you have spent any notable amount of time writing, then you know the importance of forming and engaging with a writers network. Networking with authors is one of the best ways to learn more about the ins-and-outs of the industry. No one can understand the difficulties and challenges you will face as you attempt to write and market your book more than your fellow authors. Finding the right writers network takes time, but the effort you will inject into spreading your reach across the writing arena will be well worth it.



There are plenty of reasons that should motivate you to network more effectively with your fellow authors. ChatEbooks lists down the following:


One of the most potent benefits of networking is the considerable level of support and inspiration they can give you. When you connect with a group of authors that communicate with one another on a regular basis, they’ll not only share about their difficulties, but they’ll spend a lot of time sharing ideas, concepts and stories. This level of support is crucial for any writer struggling to bring their story to life. Having someone listen to your ideas and provide you with professional insight can give you all the inspiration you need.


One of the most powerful tools professional authors have to offer are the connections they have made over the years. While talent and writing abilities matter in the publishing industry, often times, who you know matters just as much. When you engage an author and make an effort to develop a relationship with them, you are essentially tapping into a powerful resource with connections to publishers, agents, editors and so much more. So put time and energy into building good relationships with other authors. They’ll be more than willing to help you meet people who can help you along the way. Ultimately the right authors can connect you to the right people.

Name Recognition

If you are looking to market your book to a wide audience, especially as a new writer, the people recommending your book matter. It isn’t always enough to litter the internet with positive reviews from relatively well-known bloggers. This is because readers typically associate certain brands and names with quality.  For instance, imagine a brand new writer releasing a self-published fantasy epic endorsed by George R.R. Martin himself. If you love Game of Thrones, this is enough reason to invest in the works of the newbie fantasy author. The brands you associate with matter. People want to know which big names loved your book.

Information Resource

The internet is certainly effective as an information resource for aspiring authors that are just starting out in the industry. However, it is hardly an alternative for all the knowledge an experienced author can give you about the publishing arena. The right writers network of published authors will guide you through the maze of the publishing industry. Not only do they know every trick that publishers and agents like to throw at amateur writers. They understand all the difficulties and obstacles that can arise on your journey to success. Take heed to their firsthand experiences. The mistakes they made, challenges they faced and how they overcame to eventually find success. These are the sorts of stories that will inspire you to persevere.

Free Marketing

Writers groups essentially provide free marketing. The easiest way to bring your books to the attention of the world is to associate with and use the resources that bigger, more popular published authors already have. If you can get your book in the hands of authors with massive followings, you can often trust the best of these authors to spread the word about your book.

A word of advice, it isn’t enough to simply throw your book at the first published author you find.  Published authors (or anyone for that matter) do not appreciate being used. You must make an effort to build a relationship with them. Only when the necessary friendships are in place can you begin taking advantage of such relationships to assist with your book marketing efforts.

Constructive Criticism

Writers networks are essentially one big pool of critics. All writers need constructive criticism in order to improve the quality of their content. What makes your fellow writers superior to a friend, family member or even an editor is the fact that they know what a good book looks like. They understand the art of writing and they will help you ensure that your manuscript is in tip top shape before you submit it to publishers. Without writers groups and networks, finding this level of knowledgeable and technical criticism will prove difficult. Writers cannot exist in a vacuum. If you want to make a career out of your writing, you will need to reach out to other authors for support.  So do some research to locate and join the writers network that’s best suitable for accomplishing your publishing goals.


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Writers Network – 6 Benefits of Connecting With Successful Authors
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