To become a successful blogger, you need to increase your blog traffic. It’s plain and simple – the higher the blog traffic is, the more readership you will get. While every blogger works towards this goal, most of them have the tendency to stumble into pitfalls that debilitate their efforts. The truth of the matter is that it’s much easier to lose blog traffic than to gain it.



There are certain mistakes you must avoid while building your blog audience or else your traffic will never gain momentum. Even worse, these mistakes may lead to a rapid decrease in your current readership. ChatEbooks lists down the top 8 blog traffic killers to steer clear of:


1. Not Enough Posts

Frequency matters when it comes to blogging. You cannot build solid blog traffic without frequent posts. The online community responds to consistency. They want to know that they can rely on their bloggers to publish content on a fairly regular basis. A failure to post frequently, or at least as frequently as promised, will kill a blog’s traffic relatively quickly. The more often you post the greater the traffic.


2. Too Many Posts

Readers have a tendency to run from content overload. While they generally respond negatively to blogs that do not publish posts as frequently as required, they are just as unforgiving with blogs that produce too many posts within a short period of time. It is better to focus on writing one post per day than several mediocre ones. The key is to find your frequency sweet spot and stick with it.


3. Lengthy Posts

Most readers have short attention spans. As such, lengthy posts may cause them to lose focus and chase them away. Try not to go overboard by posting blogs that exceed 1000+ in word count. Some readers may skim through your lengthy content but others might choose to ignore it altogether.  If you cannot produce content in small chunks that readers can consume with ease, your blog traffic will begin to dwindle.


4. Lack of Engagement

A lot of new bloggers spend so much time crafting well-written posts and wonder why their hard work isn’t translating into blog traffic.  It’s quite possible that not enough effort is being put into producing the type of content that engages readers.  As a blogger you need to give your readers a reason to comment and converse about your posts. Keep your posts open ended and even try ending your post with a question. Doing this will not only encourage revisits to see the comments left by others, but it’ll also pique their interests about other posts you’ve made.


5. Personal Content

Some blogs fail to garner traffic and, in fact, see the little traffic they have fade over time because the bloggers get too personal.  Personal content rarely attracts interest. Readers don’t care if all posts are about you in their entirety unless you’re a famous, mega-celebrity. The best posts include personal references while giving readers something informative and concrete to take away.


6. Lack of Focus

Every blog needs a brand and a specific focus. It is easier to attract blog traffic when the audience flocking to your blog knows exactly what they will get. The worst thing you can do for your blog is to play with a mishmash of ideas, concepts and subjects. Once your blog loses its niche and its unique voice, it will start losing traffic. The trick is to pick a focal point and stick to it. A tighter focus can lead to higher blog traffic.


7. Poor Headlines

Headlines are critical. People decide whether or not to read your posts based on the titles and headlines you use. Poor headlines will cause readers to ignore you. Your headlines need to be interesting enough to get your readers’ attention. If you cannot write catchy headlines, you will have a hard time attracting the blog traffic you desire.


8. Writing for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might be one of the biggest challenges in the world of blogging.  It sets out a series of rules that authors have become so determined to follow that they tend to neglect the quality of their content. It’s true that SEO plays a major role in increasing blog traffic. However, an obsession with SEO and attempts to over-optimize your content (e.g. overstuffing keywords or using false headlines as click bait) will cost you the traffic you already have.

All-in-all, the key to successful blogging is to put your readers first. If you want to increase your blog traffic, then give your readers a reason to keep coming back. Otherwise, yours will become a blog they visit once in a long while but to which they will refuse to commit.


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8 Top Blog Traffic Killers Authors and Bloggers Should Avoid Doing
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