It is never easy to recover from a broken heart. When you’ve spent so much time feeling so close to someone and considering yours, having to break contact with them and treat them as a stranger is sure to bring with it any amount of pain and heartbreak.

People say time heals all wounds. But we, at ChatEBooks are of the opinion that having a good book to keep you company through the long days speeds the process along.

Books have within them the power to heal. They bring you joy, hope, knowledge, and the strength you need to get through this trying time in your life. They will always be there to share the experience with you, give you advice and let you know that you are not the only one suffering – that there are people out there who have experienced what you have and have gotten through it. And you can too!

Check out our list of books from debut authors, sure to help you get a start on your new life:

A series of poems and prose by John Harrison, Whispers through the Veil will give you insight into aspects of life you may not previously have considered. Dealing with the themes of love and loss, The Poetic Reality of Love and Loss depict perfectly how you cannot have one without the other.

A beautifully written, tragic love story that is sure to get the waterworks flowing and getting you the catharsis you so badly need, For Love of Anna will have you questioning your moral values and teach you about the power of faith in healing broken hearts.

You had this plan completely thought out for yourself – but it wasn’t the plan God had for you. This book will help you see how what happens in your life is always for the better, and is always in accordance with God’s best plans for you. It may not seem like it right now, but God is on your side and He will help you through this.

This book will show you how love doesn’t have a time limit. Bree and Ryder, both with broken families thought they had had all they wanted with love. But life had another plan for them when it thrust the two in each other’s path.

Just because you don’t have love right now, doesn’t mean it’s never going to come along. This book brings with it hope and the belief that good things may take time but they will arrive when the time is right.

Sometimes, some of the best laughs of your life emerge from the dark moments of your life. This book will teach you how to see the best in your adversity and hopefully help you laugh out loud at the misfortunes the author has found herself in through her life.

Once you’ve gotten over the initial resistance to ever dating again, you’re going to want to get back in the game. We’ve got just the relationship manual for you! Initially created for men, it is loved by women alike; it will guide you through all the stages of finding – and keeping – the perfect girl so you never have to go through that heartbreak again.

Looking for more books like these? ChatEBooks has a long list of self help ebooks and spiritual e-books online that are sure to help you get through even the most trying of times in your life.

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6 Books to Read When Recovering From a Broken Heart
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