Since its inception in 2006, Wattpad has become quite influential in the literary arena. The brainchild of Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen, Wattpad has garnered considerable attention over the years from all corners of the society, piquing the interest of both writers and readers.



Wattpad is here to stay.  The exponential expansion of its operation and the considerable funding it attracts from curious investors proves this. And Wattpad more than merely brings interesting stories to the attention of readers; it is an especially powerful platform for writers who want to break into the publishing industry.  Wattpad affords writers the opportunity to craft their stories for a wide audience to see. Not only is it a good learning tool, but it helps writers practice what they’ve learned.  ChatEbooks gives you a sneak peek at the benefits at how Wattpad can be beneficial to writers. 


  1. Wattpad Provides Access to Constructive Criticism

Wattpad is the perfect testing ground for aspiring authors to expose their craft to criticism. It is easy to harbor publishing greatness when you have never exposed your material to fresh eyes for criticism.  Only when your work has seen the light of day that you gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

What Wattpad offers is a massive pool of unbiased eyes from all walks of life.  Their opinions can help you determine whether you can produce quality material that could pique the interest of publishers. Exposing your work and every new chapter of your material to such scrutiny allows you to gain valuable feedback.  With that, you’re can make the necessary changes and approach publishers with confidence in the quality of your draft.

  1. Wattpad Provides Inspiration 

Wattpad can prove to be quite an inspirational tool for writers. It provides you the opportunity to interact with other aspiring authors.  Not only will you find solace in knowing that you are not alone in your publishing dreams. You’ll also benefit from the advice of people that understand your struggles and experiences. One shouldn’t underestimate the level of support a platform like Wattpad can provide.

  1. Wattpad is Educational 

Wattpad is a very educational tool. This platform exposes its users to aspiring authors and the stories they have painstakingly cultivated through their experiences. It is for this reason that Wattpad is often described as a place of discovery. A place where aspiring authors’ storytelling is challenged and their creativity sparked by scrutinizing the literary content of other authors.  There is nothing more invigorating than immersing yourself in the pool of content Wattpad provides. Plus, watching as the obstacles to your imagination crumble in response to the creative works of others. 

  1. Wattpad Provides Reach

Every aspiring author needs a starting point, a base upon which to launch their campaign to achieve their publishing dreams. Wattpad is that platform for many writers. More effective than most social media platforms, Wattpad gives aspiring authors the chance to prove their worth, expand their reach and pique the interest of new readers. 

It could be argued that Wattpad does the work of several internet marketers. It allows an aspiring author to bring their work to the attention of the world. Face it; it’s much easier to sell books to publishers when you already have a dedicated audience with a voracious desire to read your material.   And success as a published author is inevitable when you have satisfied readers going ahead of you and spreading the word about your first book even before it is published.

  1. Wattpad Builds Strength

If you want to break into the publishing arena, you are going to need a thick skin and a will of steel to withstand rejection and failure. Wattpad is the training ground for this sort of strength building.  It will expose you to the horrors of writing by allowing you to experience harsh criticism and outright rejection.  If you can overcome these hurdles, learn to maneuver negative opinions, refuse to crumble under negative pressure and actually make an effort to learn from even the foulest insults, then you can march into the world of publishing confidently with your head held high.

Wattpad is a great platform for aspiring authors to improve their craft and dive into the self-publishing arena because it’s a community of enthusiastic writers and readers who appreciate the written word. Disclaimer – Do not approach Wattpad expecting it to solve all your writing problems and achieve all of your publishing dreams for you. What Wattpad will do is to provide you a training ground within which you can hone your craft and refine your technique.

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5 Ways Wattpad Provides a Training Ground for Aspiring Authors
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