Sometimes, bored of the monotony of everyday life, you just want to look for a little adventure. Readers of thrillers know just how a good suspense novel can provide you just what you need without leaving the safety and comfort of your own house. The best thrillers will keep you up all night, turning page over page to get to the bottom of things.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced novel with mystery, horror and a whole lot of suspense until the very last page, you are sure to love what we have for you. The following list is a collection of books by some of our most promising indie writers.

When Nikki Sterces’s past returns, it returns with a vengeance. It brings with it threatening phone calls, a murder, and the return of a past love, Joseph Fitzpatrick. Now, Joe, investigating the murder of Nikki’s uncle is faced with a chilling dilemma: could the woman who stole his heart be capable of a bone-churning murder?

A story of intrigue, mystery and the way people can change over the years, Eenie, Meanie, Minie, NO is sure to become one of the favorite thrillers in your collection.

Based on a true story, Murder in Room 305 is a chilling story of greed, sex, and barbaric murder. Kathryn Ann Martini had a bright future ahead of her…until she met and fell in love with notorious Michael David Lissy. When Kathyrn’s dead body turns up raped and mutilated, the search for the killer points all its arrows towards her husband, Lissy.

A bone curdling story of how greed can turn the best of men to beasts, Gary C. King takes a horrendous story and turns it into a fantastic novel filled with plot twists and intrigue.

Another addition to our list by veteran true crime fiction author Gary C. King, Murder Most Foul is a collection of terrifying but authentic true crime stories of mystery and murder.

In his eighteen stories, King explores mass murder, family slaughters and love affairs gone deadly. Expert on all thing serial killer, King tells his tales of coldblooded killers with an ease that can only be found in the words of a bestselling true crime author like him.

With a villain you’ll love to hate, Barton has created a masterpiece with her debut novel, Next Move, You’re Dead.

With complex characters and intriguing plot-twists, this book is one you will not be able to put down until you reach the very last page. The first part of a trilogy, this book takes place in Philadelphia with John Cooper investigating a series of murders he has been chosen for by the diabolic villain Erebus.

On a journey to find out Erebus’ true identity, John is being constantly monitored, terrorized until he starts doubting his own mental sanity. Will John ever find out who Erebus is and why he was chosen?

The first in the Chasing the Night series, Eli’s Coming is a psychological and supernatural suspense novel.

Eli Hayes is an author of crime novels, who is a deeply private person and spends his life reading engravings on tombstones. But little do people know of the horrible past Eli has – that could destroy him if it caught up to him. When he meets Amanda, he thinks he has found the one who will take him out of the darkness. But will his past finally catch up to him and take away the happiness he has finally found? Will Eli finally be able to find his way out of his maze of darkness?

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