Proper book marketing seeks to engage people. Rather than merely telling people that your book exists, you need to give potential fans a good reason to believe that yours is the sort of book they would be willing to spend their hard-earned money on. This is where video marketing comes into play. Video content has become an increasingly popular facet of book marketing because it works. Most people engage with video (and most forms of visual content) a lot more than they do with text.


Video Content as a Powerful Tool in Book Marketing

Video content is taking book marketing by storm. Authors who fail to include videos in their book marketing strategy are missing out big time. Using videos in book marketing is the most engaging type of marketing that can satisfy audiences. Take posting video content on social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for example. These can produce magical results as far as book marketing is concerned and it can neither be ignored nor denied.

So with that said, you do not really have a choice in the matter. If you want your book marketing efforts to be successful, then you have to put whatever biases you have aside. It is best to embrace the inclusion of video content in your campaign. If the idea doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps these reasons can make you change your mind. ChatEbooks lists down reasons why videos in book marketing can increase book sales.

Video Content Has Entertainment Value

The best way to get your message across to people is to bury it within an entertaining package. One of the easiest ways to not only spread your marketing message to readers but to compel them to seek your marketing content out on their own is to package amusing and highly entertaining video content. Just think about the craze with viral videos today. Brands that no one has ever heard of are exploding onto the market every day by creating videos that go viral. Videos get people talking, and that is what you want, especially as an untested author.

Video Content is Less Time Consuming

What sets video content apart is the fact that it is so easily consumable. The reason the marketing strategies of old are failing today is because people are either too busy or too lazy. The idea of analyzing lengthy brochures summarizing your book or reading reviews just doesn’t appeal to most people anymore.

A video gives you the ability to compress heavy and complicated information into a simple format that is not only appealing but which doesn’t take much time for readers to consume. You can test this yourself by taking note of what catches and keeps your attention on your next browse through Facebook.  Chances are, you’ll notice and view the videos above all else (especially with the recent auto play feature) and you’ll skim through a great deal of posts containing lengthy text content. Readers are no different when shopping for a new book to read. Some would rather watch a 3-minute video selling your book to them than reading a moderately-sized review.

Video Content Evokes Emotions

Proper book marketing attempts to create emotional connections with potential readers in order to make a given product appear that much more enticing. And video is the most emotionally evocative medium around. Of course video marketing might not send people immediately running out to buy your book.  However, it will subtly plant emotions and thoughts that people may eventually act upon the next time they encounter your book.

Video Content is Cost-Effective

Video content is highly cost effective primarily because accessing video content is easy. Once you upload a video on your blog, official website, video sharing website, etc., anyone can access it on a computer or mobile device. Certainly there are production costs to consider. But that is the beauty of video content. Even the shabbiest video shot using the camera on your cell phone (free of charge) can do wonders if you apply the sort of creativity that will actually entertain your viewers. 

Video Content Has High Retention Rates

Most people rarely proceed beyond the title and the first few paragraphs of an article, and if they do, they generally don’t retain much of what they’ve read.  On the other hand, people tend to remember messages delivered using video mediums, even after watching one in its entirety.  This is because video content is easy to consume and has a hire retention rate.  In other words, people will remember more of what they see and hear than what they read. The fact that entertaining videos, even book marketing videos, encourage people to watch them several times over is also an advantage.

Video content isn’t the future of book marketing, it’s already here. So if you’re not utilizing this exponential form of advertising then it’s time you got on board.  The bottom line is – if you want to maximize your reach, then you need to make a point to target audiences through that one medium which tends to monopolize their attention. 


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5 Reasons Why Using Videos in Book Marketing Can Increase Sales
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