Completing the written portion of an ebook is just the start of your journey as a self-published author. The next step is to choose or create an ebook cover that adequately depicts the masterpiece you’ve just created.  And, unfortunately, if you don’t get the ebook cover selection right, you may have written a potential best seller but no one will ever know about it.

Let’s face it, most readers judge a book by its cover, and this is especially true when it comes to selecting an ebook. It is very difficult to convince a reader to, at the very least, read the first chapter of your manuscript if the ebook cover is unappealing.  In fact, if readers feel your cover is of substandard quality, they tend to incorrectly assume that your writing capabilities are equally less than par.


10 Websites Where Authors Can Get Quality Pre-Made Ebook Covers

So where can indie authors go to obtain professionally designed ebook covers – ones that can compete with the quality of those seen in traditionally published books?  Luckily, there are myriads of resources and websites on the internet that provide pre-designed ebook covers for you to choose from. ChatEbooks lists the following:

#1 Go On Write

This website is home to several thousand pre-designed ebook covers for authors to choose from. Though that quantity of selection would normally raise suspicion, this website delivers just as effectively on quality as it does on quantity. You can search for ebook covers by genre, with prices starting at a measly $45. Along with numerous special offers and discounts, this website also provides pre-made covers for other materials like blog banners.


#2 Cover Shot Creations

This website provides pre-designed ebook covers in the thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, YA, new adult and Western categories. They make covers that are suitable for books, blogs, social media and a variety of other design needs. With prices starting at $50, there are print versions of all covers available for purchase. Additionally, the fonts and stock art are licensed.


#3  Kit Foster Design

This website has earned six awards for work done in the design arena, so you are guaranteed quality results. The Scotland-based resource offers pre-designed ebook covers with price tags starting at 75 pounds (approximately $94). Custom covers will cost you a great deal more.


#4 Paper and Sage Design

You can purchase a comprehensive design package through this website.  Not only do they provide ebook covers, but they also sell business cards, bookplates, web badges, t-shirts and audio book covers. Their pre-designed covers are available in every possible genre you can think of, so there is a good chance you’ll be able to find something suites your needs.


#5 Ebook Launch

You only go to Ebook Launch if you have a lot of money to spend. They primarily deal in custom covers, but they also have pre-designed covers for purchase. You can expect to pay $99 for their quality ebook covers, though they do not have many options on offer.


#6 For the Muse Design

Designer Elaina Lee understands the plight of cash-strapped authors. As such, her pre-designed ebook covers are very affordable. The hands-on assistance she provides to clueless authors looking for appropriate covers makes her a standout.


#7 Creative Indie Covers

This is a great website for authors that are already established. The prices are definitely on the high end, but according to consumer feedback, the quality is worth it. Not only are the pre-designed covers the best possible quality, but the designer can take a mediocre cover that a client already possesses and give it a professional makeover.


#8 Damonza

This is an appropriate source of pre-designed ebook covers for anyone with $195 to spend. The designs are definitely up to standard, and there are also upgrade options. If you have the money to spend, then Damonza may be a good option for you.


#9 Ebook Indie Covers

As the name suggests, this website caters to indie authors. You can get pre-designed ebook covers for as little as $16. They have a variety of pre-made and sale stock covers, and the quality is decent. The website tends to specialize in the romance genre.


#10 Alchemy Book Covers and Design

With the most expensive pre-designed ebook covers going for no more than $75, this is definitely the website for those budget-constrained authors. You can get a good cover for $25, and that isn’t taking into account all the extra offerings such as banner ads.


Unless you have a masterful ability to design your own ebook cover, you should refrain from taking the do-it-yourself route. Ebook covers are easy to acquire these days. There are so many design resources available online that you have no excuse for sabotaging your own success with poorly crafted, self-made covers. So invest in a professional  cover design. You won’t regret it. 


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10 Websites Where Authors Can Get a Quality Pre-Made Ebook Cover
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