Whether you are an author looking to get published or just another reader who has a genuine love for books, book blogs are a great online resource. Not only do they allow you to explore literature genres; they can also provide endless hours of fun and entertainment.


10 of the Most Popular Book Blogs

With the popularity of blogging, there are probably more book blogs online today than ever before.  It can therefore be time consuming to select one that quenches your thirst for the engagement you seek.  And if you just don’t know where to begin or have no idea what to look for, ChatEbooks lists down 10 of the best and most popular book blogs worth checking out.

The IndieView (www.theindieview.com)

This is a massively popular platform that caters primarily to indie authors. The IndieView boasts reviews of self-published ebooks in all manner of genres. It has over three hundred reviewers from across the world contributing to its content. The IndieView also allows already-reviewed authors to set-up a personal author page which is listed on The Indie Review website.

The Book Zone (For Boys) (www.bookzone4boys.blogspot.com)

Managed by author Darren Shan, this is one of those book blogs that purposes to show boys just how fantastic books can be. Naturally, the literary content featured here is primarily designed to appeal to boys.

The Book Designer (www.thebookdesigner.com)

Managed by publishing and design industry expert Joel Fridelander, The Book Designer is perfect for aspiring authors and writers who want to know the ins and outs of the industry. The blog has more than a thousand articles that cover every facet of the writing, publishing, and marketing process.

The Millions (www.themillions.com)

Book blogs like The Millions are rare. While most blogs prioritize specific literary genres, The Millions is all-inclusive, making it one of the premier book blogs online. Hailed by The New York Times as ‘the indispensable literary site,’ The Millions provides intelligent reviews of books and culture.

Writer Beware (www.accrispin.blogspot.ca)

Sponsored by various writers’ associations, Writer Beware is one of the most relevant book blogs on the internet. It tackles the dark side of publishing by giving authors and readers information they did not realize they needed. This is definitely a blog worth visiting if you’re an aspiring author and/or professional writer. The blog contains relevant and informative posts about various publishing schemes one might encounter within the writing profession.

Blog of a Bookslut (www.bookslut.com/blog)

If you are looking for book blogs primarily for their popularity, then you do not need to look any further that the Blog of a Bookslut. This blog is so popular among online book news and reviews resources that you are guaranteed a massive community of readers with whom to interact.

Omnivoracious (www.omnivoracious.com)

Omnivoracious is Amazon’s book review blog. Simple in its design yet elegant, the blog posts author interviews and publishing news.  In addition, the blog updates readers on all the most important aspects of the literary arena. Omnivoracious reviews all titles from children’s books and biographies to suspense and comics and everything in between.

Aestas Book Blog (www.aestasbookblog.com)

If you’re a sucker for romance novels, then, Aestas Book Blog is the blog for you. Although the blog also covers reviews of other book genres, it focuses on ‘love stories that make my heart race and have happy endings.’

The New York Review of Books (www.nybooks.com/daily)

With a list of the who’s who in the literature arena, The New York Review of Books is the intellectual’s book review blog. It features in-depth literature reviews, intelligent cultural articles and intriguing think pieces. 

Tara Lazar (www.taralazar.com)

Children’s books authors who embrace their inner kid will love this blog. Managed by Tara Lazar, the blog is a popular resource for anyone wanting to write, or are currently writing, children’s fiction.

Book blogs are a dime a dozen today so what I’ve provided is far from an exhausted list.  But if you’re not sure where to begin in locating one that appeals to your unique sensibilities, this diverse list is the perfect starting point.


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10 of the Most Popular Book Blogs for Literature and Engagement
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