The era of actual pocket notebooks and journals is becoming a thing of the past. Today, journal writing has been elevated by information technology and its related devices. Preserving one’s thoughts and ideas across a variety of digital platforms has become a great alternative to traditional journal-writing methods. Authors looking to collect their thoughts in a safe, robust and secure environment can now do so with mobile apps. You can collect your thoughts and record important events using some of the best journal writing apps available on the market.


10 Journal Writing Apps

Journal writing will help instill creativity, hone writing skills and develop the critical thinking necessary for becoming an amazing author.  And, in this golden age of apps, it should come as no surprise that there are a variety of options to suit different journal writing styles. ChatEbooks lists down 10 of the most popular journal writing apps.

Day One

Day One is one of the first apps anyone with a keen interest in journal writing would recommend. You can create up to 10 diaries and add up to 10 images for each entry. What sets Day One apart, besides its simple interface, is that developers are continuously adding new features to it.

The app supports iCloud Sync and empowers you to protect your entries with a password. It is also possible to embed media. Managing you timeline items is made easy with this app which supports Iphone and Ipad as well as Mac. Expect to spend between $5 and $10.


This is a very simple app that primarily purposes to aid in journal writing. Free of those features that clutter most apps, Diary allows you to import previous entries from other journaling apps. The app also provides support for video and audio. Compatible with OS X10.6.8 (and later operating systems), Diary is available for $3.99.


This journal writing app offers all the basics you need to start journaling.  The app allows you to either sync your entries with drop box or share them via email and social media.The one difference between this multilingual app and a program like Diary is the fact that it is free.


This iPhone only journal-writing app helps you correlate your own personal thoughts with posts and items from your social networks. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. Available for $2.99, Momento imports items from your social media platforms to give a more comprehensive snapshot of your day.

My Wonderful Day

My Wonderful Diary is a basic journal writing app. You can write things down, attach photos and even describe your mood. Priced at $1.99, the app allows you to attach stickers to entries to document your feelings about a given day. 


This app strives for security above all else. Memoir doesn’t differ that drastically from most other journal writing apps of its kind. Users might enjoy the quick searching features, drag and drop support for photos or even the calendar. However, Memoir’s primary highlight is its encryption systems. With this app, which costs a whopping $7.99, the security of your personal thoughts and opinions is ensured.


Askt begins each day by asking you a different question about yourself. The app doesn’t just provide a space for simply recording your thoughts.  Rather, Askt helps you better understand your mind by comparing your answers from year to year and giving you clarity over your own thoughts. This unique and fun app, which allows you to explore your own mind, is free to download. 


This is another free journal writing app that provides you a variety of methods through which you can record moments (including photos, videos, text, and voice). There is a Flava cloud service to which you can back your entries which ensures that all those precious ideas and concepts are kept safe.

Day Journal

Day Journal has a warm and inviting design and offers a variety of free features like markdown support, data backups, sharing options with email, Facebook and Evernote to mention but a few. The app’s free version provides enough tools to meet the needs of a financially constrained author looking for an effective way of recording his or her thoughts.


JotterPad is a free journal writing app that was actually designed specifically with writers in mind. The app is very basic and provides authors a surface upon which to scrawl their thoughts and reflect on their day. There are no flashy tools or features that might distract you.

Journal writing is an essential practice for authors. It gives them the opportunity to organize their thoughts, collect their ideas and approach difficult problems from unique perspectives. Mobile apps (such as those mentioned above) have transformed journaling by making the process that much easier and more effective for authors. 


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10 Journal Writing Apps that Authors Can Use to Store Big Ideas
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