Most people think it is easy to shop for gifts for writers. They couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s the thing you need to know about writers. They have little patience for generic presents. Just because they enjoy the art of writing doesn’t mean they actually appreciate those notebooks and pens you are often quick to give them.  In fact, it is because their interest (writing) is so easy to pin down that few people ever put thought into the gifts for writers that they buy. As an individual with close friends who are also authors, you are encouraged to inject some thought and creativity into the gifts you purchase for them.


Popular Gifts for Writers 



The Storymatic classic is not only an impressive writing prompt but it is an exciting game that allows people to create stories together. By picking out cards from two piles and abiding by the rules provided, you can help your writer friends accomplish their writing dreams.

Aqua Notes

Do your writer friends complain of having to wait until they jump out of the shower and dry themselves off before they can jot their ideas down? Do they sometimes lose their inspiration once they’ve completed the after-bathing processes of applying oils and slipping into nighttime attire? Problem solved with Aqua Notes. This is a waterproof notepad that will help writers keep a clear record of their ideas even while they are in the shower.

Vintage Ink Bottles

If your friends love fountain pens, they will appreciate vintage ink bottles with inspiring phrases etched on their surfaces. There are a variety of styles and formats of ink bottles to choose from, which makes them great for personalizing gifts for writers.


Trophy Buffet has a “Greatest of All Time” trophy that writers struggling with discouragement will enjoy. Even if they still have a long way to go before achieving their dreams, your writer friends will appreciate having the trophy inspiring them from a shelf.

Fingerless Writing Gloves

Fingerless writing gloves are the perfect gifts for writers.  Not only are they stylish, but they will keep your writer friend’s hands warm and toasty as they type at the computer. Consider investing in fingerless gloves with unique designs and words from classic novels engraved across their surface.

Writing Guide

Most writers have little patience for books as gifts, especially when you buy them the wrong book. However, they will appreciate books that can practically aid their efforts such as writing guidebooks, some of which you can find on ChatEbooks.  Through writing guides, writers can obtain wisdom that can better improve their craft. Some of the best writing guidebooks are:

  • On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft (Stephen King)
  • The Elements of Style (William Strunk, Jr. and EB White)
  • What If? (Anne Bernays and Pamela Painter)
  • On Writing Well (William Zinsser)
  • How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One (Stanley Fish)

However, if a book about writing doesn’t fit well with your writer friend, consider getting a DVD about his/her favorite writer – interviews, public lectures, readings and other footages.

Wrist Donut

Any author that spends a lot of time on their computer will appreciate the wrist donut. Wrist donuts, unlike the average mouse rest, are worn on the hand and provide great freedom of movement. Wrist donuts are great gifts for writers struggling with repetitive strain injuries.


You cannot go wrong with jewelry, especially personalized jewelry such as a typewriter necklace. 

The Writer’s Toolbox

This is a kit with games, exercises and every tool your writer friends will need to overcome writer’s block and spark their creative side. Designed by creative writer Jamie Callan, The Writer’s Toolbox includes a book, story cards and story starters, a timer, a goal spinner and other accessories that will keep your writer friends working even when they encounter mental obstacles like writer’s block.


This is the perfect gift for anyone that loves to read, and writers spend a lot of their time reading. A Kindle can hold thousands of books at a time and download new books wirelessly on the go. This convenient space-saver will definitely enhance your writer friend’s ebook reading experience. 

Gifts for writers do not have to be generic so try thinking outside the box when buying one. You might be surprised by the amount of joy you could bring to your writer friend’s life if you actually made an effort to apply creativity when buying them gifts. 


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