As an aspiring author, you need feedback from a book editor, especially if you’re planning to self-publish your own work. While finding an editor is easy, finding a good book editor is something else entirely different. Your vetting efforts can become a bit cumbersome when you start looking for reliable and competent book editors.


10 Competent Book Editors

So where can one find a good book editor? Choosing someone from amongst the myriads of book editors on offer may be challenging but it’s not impossible. ChatEbooks lists down a list of book editors who are considered the best in their field.

1. Jennifer Blanchard

Jennifer Blanchard is a perfect match for aspiring authors. As far as book editors go, Blanchard’s services are quite varied. Beyond simply editing manuscripts, she will commit to helping struggling authors actually write their books.

If you cannot quite bring yourself to pen the story of your dreams, Blanchard will work alongside you. She’ll guide you put your ideas on paper and guiding you towards your publishing dreams.

2. Aberdeen Bay

Aberdeen Bay is an independent publisher that has won numerous awards over the years. They stand out because they are completely open to manuscripts from writers that have never published before. Aspiring authors with no experience in the publishing industry will find Aberdeen Bay comforting and welcoming.

3. Blake Atwood

Blake Atwood is a multi-talented editor from BA Writing Solutions LLC. He provides co-writing, ghostwriting, coaching and developmental editing services, to mention but a few. However, his preference is non-fiction.

4. Rebecca Faith

Rebecca Faith has been in the editorial and publishing business since 2007. Over the years, she has attracted the attention of authors and literary agents alike. Faith has built a reputation upon her ability to help authors develop their novels, both for self-publishing and traditional publishing. In particular, she strives to help new authors discover their unique voice.

5. Penworthy Press

This editing firm provides general manuscript critiquing, proofreading and line editing. Pennworthy Press is bannered by book editors like Keanan Brand, Elizabeth Easter and Joyce Booze. Their services provide the right balance of quality and cost-effectiveness.  They are also reasonably priced and affordable for aspiring authors who have budgetary constraints.

6. Joshua Essoe

Joshua Essoe works full-time as a freelance editor. Having worked with the likes of bestseller Dead Farland and Arrested Development lead writer Dean Lorey, Essoe is highly experienced. In addition, he has attracted glowing reviews from all the writers he has shepherded towards greatness. Essoe specializes in line editing and content editing.

7. Ginny Ytrrup

Ginny Ytrrup is a writer, speaker and writing coach. With experience as a traditional and indie published writer, Ytrrup understands the joys and challenges of writing. Her clients have described her services as a fun and exciting journey during which she immerses herself in their writing.  Ytrup gets to know each client individually and uses her personal observations to help them craft their books.

8. Ben Wolf

As far as book editors go, Ben Wolf’s experience is quite extensive. He has been editing fiction and nonfiction since his high school days. As an editor, his rates are quite high but only because Wolf doesn’t merely help authors clean their manuscripts. Rather, his editing and communication method is akin to an interactive course that helps aspiring authors improve their writing. The knowledge writers can expect to glean is worth every penny spent.

9. Crystal Watanabe

Operating as a freelance editor since 2014, Watanabe has a particular preference for indie writers. A member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, she provides beta reading, proofreading and all kinds of editing services. Watanabe is also deadline-conscious and provides results within appropriate time periods, this along with ensuring the confidentiality of your work.

10. Dave Malone

With 22 years of experience under his belt, Malone works with both experienced and inexperienced authors. He provides manuscript evaluations and developmental editing services. As a writer and filmmaker, Malone brings a lot of creative insight to the table.

There are a lot of factors that you should take into consideration when looking for book editors.  Get recommendations from other authors, ask for references, and search the internet for complaints and reviews posted by others. You should do as much research as possible before selecting someone in whose skills and abilities you are confident.  Ultimately, you must be able to trust your editor with the future of your book.


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