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Here are just a few of the authors in Young Adult fiction that have made their mark in a big way. 


Young Adult fiction (YA) books have been increasing in popularity over the years. These novels are ultimately flying off bookshelves and constantly being read on kindles all over the world. In fact, many of the books in the YA genre were able to reach number one in just their first week of sales.

Ostensibly written for teens between the ages of 12 and 18, Young Adult fiction books are equally adored by readers of every generation. This genre of reading is considered valuable not only by its artistry, but also by its relevance to the lives of its readers.  Themes cater to younger audiences whose transition to young adulthood is mirrored by the characters in notable YA books. Here are just a few of the authors in YA fiction that have made their mark in a big way. 

One of the most popular authors who cemented her mark as a bankable YA fiction author is J.K. Rowling. Rowling is a British novelist that is best known for the “Harry Potter” series. These books have ultimately sold more than 400 million copies and have gained worldwide attention. The series eventually made its way to the big screen with record-breaking box office sales, becoming the second highest-grossing film series in history. Rowling is also the United Kingdom’s best-selling living author. 

John Green is another noteworthy author of Young Adult fiction books. He is most notable for his most recent novel, “The Fault in Our Stars”. This novel debuted at #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list in 2012. This novel also made it to Hollywood and charted at #1 in the box office. In 2015, Green was recognized as one of the 100 top influential people in the world by Time Magazine. 

Suzanne Collins is an American novelist who began her career in 1991 as a writer for children’s television shows. She ultimately became interested in writing books for young adults after meeting author James Proimos. “Gregor the Overlander” was the first book that became a best seller on the New York Times but she is best known for writing “The Hunger Games” trilogy. This trilogy consists of “The Hunger Games”, “Catching Fire”, and “Mockingjay” – all Hollywood blockbusters.  

C.S. Lewis is an extremely popular YA fiction author. He is best known for the classic, “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Aside from being a writer of Young Adult fiction books, Lewis also wrote non-fiction Christian apologetics. The majority of Lewis’ works focus on sin, redemption, and humanity’s fall from grace. His most popular Christian apologetic novel is “Mere Christianity”.

With over 30 children’s books under her belt, Lois Lowry is one of the trailblazers of YA fiction. She is best known for her Newbery-recognized books, “Number the Stars” and “The Giver” (which made its film debut in 2014). As an author, Lowry is famous for exploring complex and controversial issues, such as racism, terminal illness and murder, which brought her both praise and criticism. Her other notable works include: “Gathering Blue,” “Messenger” and the “Gooney Bird” series.

J.K. Rowling, John Green, Suzanne Collins, C.S. Lewis and Lois Lowry are just a few of the authors of Young Adult fiction books that have had considerable success. By creating novels directly aimed at young adults, these authors have been able to carve a path into the hearts of millions. 


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