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One cannot overstate the difficulties faced by writers, not only with regards to landing lucrative gigs but actually meeting the expectations of their clients. 


The assumption that writing is an easy road to great wealth is erroneous. Certainly, writing jobs in all its various forms, be it freelance writing or creative writing, boasts one common thread. All you have to do is put words on paper, hardly comparable to the numerous physical and mental tasks many an employee must contend with on a daily basis.

However, one cannot overstate the difficulties faced by writers, not only with regards to landing lucrative gigs but actually meeting the expectations of their clients. While the vast portion of the global population knows enough to construct proper sentences and punctuate appropriately, only a select few individuals have mastered the art of writing. Writing constitutes so much more than putting a few words together on paper.

Applying for Writing Jobs

Building a writing career online gives you the best of both worlds – you can work from anywhere in the world, for anyone in the world. However, the competition in the freelance writing arena is growing stiffer with each new day.  Well-paying creative writing opportunities are continuing to dwindle and there are few avenues on the market today through which a burgeoning writer can hope to earn a decent living. With individuals in greater numbers taking to the internet to fight for the same freelance writing opportunities, the literary landscape has grown quite difficult to traverse. If this is you, here are four tips that will help you in your quest of finding and applying for writing positions:

Move Quickly

Writers are a dime a dozen today.  The competition (and demand for quality content) is such that the hours you spend constructing a resume could cost you precious opportunities to snag lucrative writing positions. One cannot overstate the importance of applying as early as possible for writing jobs. With so many writers vying for the same position at any given time, companies and individuals can only consider so many applicants.  Their weeding process will often restrict their choices to the first few writers whose resumes impress them. Do not lag behind. If you think a given position will suit you, apply for it immediately. 

Prepare Individual Applications

Do not expect to achieve stellar results by crafting a single resume and sending it out to every writing opportunity that catches your eye. Each resume must have a cover letter and clips specifically customized to match each writing position. Because different writing jobs boast different requirements, you must present yourself uniquely to each potential employer. A resume that might paint the best picture of you to one employer might turn another off.

Match Yourself Appropriately to the Writing Jobs Offered

Considering the time constraints connected to most open writing positions, you do not have the luxury of trying your hand out at every writing job that comes your way. You must recognize when a job is simply beyond your reach. This is especially true for creative writing positions. Such assignments are often weighted down by the need for rather strict qualifications, especially within the arena of experience and education. You would be better off spending your time applying for jobs you know you qualify for as opposed to reaching for positions you have little to no experience for, and thus no chance of snagging. 


As a writer applying for writing jobs, you have little excuse for submitting shoddily written applications. Considering the myriads of applications that potential employers receive for writing positions, they will use even the smallest punctuation or spelling error to disqualify an applicant. Even the quality of the content of your application is fair game for judging.  So take your time and carefully construct legible, error-free content that will land your application at the top of the pile.

There are great opportunities to be enjoyed in the writing arena.  Finding the right writing jobs to apply for is key. To avoid unnecessary disappointment, take the time to understand your own strengths, weaknesses and the limits of your skills and qualifications. 


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