About Us

ChatEbooks is a social media e-marketplace where authors and readers connect and engage within the selling/reading experience. Our goal is to deliver the best digital reading experience to book lovers–anytime, anyplace and anywhere around the world.

ChatEbooks gives authors and readers a platform to interact and engage in discussions regarding book content as opposed to just posting book reviews. Here, each book listed for purchase will have its own "chat group" where authors and readers can take part in live chats, participate in pollings and read and post comments on topics related to the book.

Authors enjoy the benefits of: (1) Having complete control over the pricing and distribution of their books; (2) Keeping 100% of their book revenues; (3) Having immediate access to the money generated from book sales; (4) Broadening their reach through social media circle marketing; and (5) Communicating and developing relationships with their readers.

Readers enjoy the ability to: (1) Purchase e-books in a variety of formats (EPUB, MOBI and PDF) and either download them to a device or read them directly from the website; (2) Connectand interact with e-book authors; (3) Join or start hot topic and/or chapter discussions with authors and fellow readers; (4) Accumulate their own library of purchased books; and (5) Invite family and friends to join their chat groups/discussions.

ChatEbooks provides the ultimate e-book experience for buying, selling, connecting and engaging in a fun-filled, user-friendly platform.