Remember back in the day when all you needed to succeed as a writer was skill, determination and pen and paper? Then word processors hit the scene as the best thing since sliced bread and no writer was complete without one.


Best Free Book Writing Software

Talk about book writing software and people will immediately mention brands like Scrivener and Ulysses. And to be fair, Scrivener and Ulysses are great writing programs. However, purchasing either one of them can take a nice chunk of change out of your bank account. And before you start throwing Microsoft Word around as the best option for writers – a program for all times, generations and ages, and a tool with which you can never go wrong, try to remember that the Office 365 subscription fee is not cheap. But nonetheless, do not despair. There are plenty of sufficient book writing software options on the market, and some even grant usability free of charge. ChatEbooks some of the best free book writing software to consider:


Google Docs

Though Google Docs is probably the last tool you’d consider in a quest for free book writing software, it’s actually the perfect application for collaborative work. This web-based application allows you to create, edit, store and access files from any location so long as you have internet access. Docs not only provides a free word processor for crafting your manuscript, but there is also a spreadsheet aspect available that can help you outline and keep track of your plots. In addition, you can create URL’s of your files to allow for sharing with editors, agents, and publishers. Cons: this application is most effective for short writing and might not be as efficient when it comes to long writing.



Grammarly is a godsend for anyone whose modest budget depends on free book writing software. This program isn’t just a sophisticated spellcheck. It will check your grammar, writing style and even the sentence structure. It can be used as an online browser extension, a website, or an app to download on your computer. So even if you’re just delving into the “I want to be a writer” space, Grammarly is a great tool help you master your craft and discover your voice. Cons: to my knowledge, Grammarly is not currently available for Mac.



yWriter is one of the simplest and most trustworthy book writing applications on the market today. This distraction-free tool allows you to organize and keep track of your stories, plots, characters, locations and even scenes. The yWriter software was previously only available for PC use; however, an Android version was recently released and there is now a beta version for iOS. Cons: yWriter doesn’t work with Mac yet and it doesn’t come with templates.



Used as a website or desktop app, Hemingway is an editing tool that improves the clarity of your writing. And unlike Grammarly, Hemmingway prioritizes readability above all else. Like a portable beta reader, this nifty tool helps writers construct sentences that are easy to read and consume. By simply copying and pasting your writing into the website’s input box, your written work will be graded based on your use of adverbs, passive voice and sentence structure. Cons: the program doesn’t tell you how to improve your writing. It merely gives you a readability grade and highlights your errors.



LitLift is a hub of sorts for all your fiction writing needs. With this free book writing software, you can write your stories, store them, organize them and even collaborate with other writers. The application also makes available a litany of resources such as plotlines, idea generators, and character sketches. Cons: the interface isn’t very eye-catching and users have complained that it’s difficult to personalize and navigate, and some functionalities are not user-friendly.


Writing can be a monumental challenge. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools on the market that can make writing a book easier by saving you time and frustration, without breaking the bank. Of course at some point during your journey to writing success you may want to invest in premium book writing software. But if you are just starting out, then the free book writing software mentioned above should do just fine.

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